3D Printing in Education

Speaker Session by Dr. Kamlesh Kothari

Children’s heads are full of ideas and creativity, but they lack a medium to express it by building something themselves. Imagine if your child could create in 3 dimension, not just draw and color, but produce an actual object? 3D Printing is a new way of making things digitally using a printer that uses plastic filament instead of ink, and prints objects in 3D dimensions.

3D Printing helps students develop 21st century skills like critical thinking, visualization, spatial, analytical and problem solving. It develops their creativity and confidence. It prepares them for future careers as 3D Printing is being widely used across industries whether it is medical, manufacturing, entertainment, architecture, education or engineering.

About the Speaker

kamlesh kothari_3d printingDr. Kamlesh Kothari completed his masters and advanced dental and maxillofacial surgery training from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai and completed his DNB subsequently. Dr. Kothari also holds a double prestigious AO Fellowship in cranio-maxillofacial surgery, from University of Freiburg (Germany) and Wales (UK). He served as the head of the Department of Dental and maxillofacial surgery, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital for 4 years before founding Aesthetica, Dental Implant Clinics, which is a chain of dental clinics in east India, that provides 360 degree dental care under one roof. Dr. Kothari dons many hats and he is the clinical director of KITE (Kolkata Implant Training & Education Academy) and Project director (Kolkata) for SMILE TRAIN (USA) for which they have performed 3500 surgeries for the treatment of cleft lips and palates, totally free of cost.

He has served as a governor on the board of Calcutta International School and also has co-founded CloneMe, a company established in 2015, with a vision to revolutionize the concept of personalized 3D printing for consumers and bespoke 3D printed gifting in India. Currently CloneMe is involved in medial 3D printing as well. He is a global speaker on 3D printing and he s trying to revolutionise his own field of dentistry by integrating this technology in it, thereby offering his patients advanced and cutting edge treatment solutions. His vision is to have a fully integrated tertiary care model in Eastern India for Digital dentistry covering all facets of digital technology like 3D printing and CAD CAM.