The What and The Why of 21 st Century Skills

Speaker Session by Debalina Mitra Chanda

Twenty-first- century skills are a buzzword in the field of education today. In fact, they are often referred to the most essential skills for the learners of today. Our children need to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive global scenario while being able to
collaborate with people from across the world.

The 3 R’s – Reading, aRithmetic and wRiting – the 3 skills that were considered crucial for higher education and success in the world of work are just not enough any longer. To prepare for 21 st century careers children need more than just a textbook led education.

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Global awareness
  • Technology

These are just a few of the skills that have been universally accepted as the skills global citizens of the future will need for developing new technology and processes, for solving challenges with limited resources.

Education systems across the world have realised the need for a change and are   adapting themselves in their own contexts. Even in India, this movement for a Project  Based Learning, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education  and Inquiry-based Learning is picking up steam.

As parents and educators, it is our duty to design learning experiences for our children
which address this need.

About the Speaker

debalina picDebalina is a resource person in the field of education, who draws upon her varied career experiences to deliver engaging and interactive student and teacher workshops on using interactive and engaging pedagogy for the Teaching of English and 21 st Century Core Skills. She began her career in advertising and subsequently moved to teaching. She has not only been a conventional English teacher in schools across India, but she has also taught spoken English and various communication skills to adult pupils at inLingua, New Delhi NCR.

She is now a Globally Validated Trainer for British Council. As part of the British Council Schools Programme, she has conducted trainings for teachers of over 100 government and private schools over the past two years, specialising in inclusion of 21 st Century Skills within the school curriculum as well as in various outside-school areas.
She has undergone courses in Comprehensive Sexuality Education and various Class Room Management Techniques.

Debalina is also a freelance trainer with Bigyaan – an organisation working towards making the teaching-learning experience of Science enjoyable. She is currently setting up the English Afterschool Club for the Kolkata Chapter of Bigyaan, where she will be conducting various workshops for children, primarily aimed at developing an interest in reading.