Natural Dyeing – A way to teach art, science, history and ecology

Speaker Session by Namrata Manot

For thousands of years, natural dyes have kept us connected with the natural world. It wasn’t until around 150 years ago that synthetic dyes were introduced, and in that short time they have caused immense environmental damage. The art of making natural dyes is an excellent way to teach history and science while engaging children in a fun, hands-on activity.

About the Speaker

5589059952a311f7085f6a98_namrata_manot-e1500462210559Namrata runs a sustainable clothing brand by the name Biome. Biome is a design studio that offers sustainable handmade apparel, accessories, fabrics thus promoting conscious fashion. She wears many hats – business development, sales, operations, social media. She conducts courses for Natural Dyeing and Printing in schools and around the country.